Steam Cleaning

steam clean wandWhy Use Steam Over Conventional Vacuums?

The steam cleaning process, commonly referred to as “hot water extraction,” involves a fairly straightforward application. Here is the following breakdown of the process:

On a typical job where carpet cleaning is the only issue, we will spray the designated areas with a mild cleaning detergent that loosens up any dirt or grime (this detergent should not be confused with chemical treatment, which is used for specific, heavily stained or damaged carpet). We then affix two, long hoses to a cleaning wand that is used to go over the carpet. One hose is used purely for suction of any debris, water, and other unwanted material from the carpet. The other is a high-pressure water hose that injects a stream of hot water into the end of the cleaning wand. Combining the two processes of suction and water exposure allows for maximising the efficiency of actually cleaning the carpet. Dirt, hairs, dust, dead skin, bugs – anything that is not a part of the fabric being cleaned is exposed to this process and usually sucked into our steam vacuum machine.

What is Needed?

The machine that we use is connected to the wand via the hoses and is usually powered by a local site’s standard power outlet. As mentioned previously, hot water is needed and is also generally supplied on site. That’s it.

Although the ingredients required are rather basic, the machine itself does most of the work by providing adjustable suction and high-pressure water to dislodge unwanted grime from the carpet. All other chemicals, if need for resistant stains, are supplied by us after the affected areas have been cleaned.


High Quality & Long-lasting Clean

Steam cleaning is very effective at removing most stains and dirt, but why should you use it over more conventional means like vacuuming and cleaning yourself?

In all cases, dry vacuuming is extremely beneficial when considering the overall life of a carpet. Generally, the longer something stays dirty, the more difficult it will be to restore the original look regardless of what methods you use. However, the downside to doing this process on your own is the method’s own limitations.

​Without water, detergents, chemicals, and pressure provided by an industrial-grade machine, the level of cleanliness you can actually achieve is at best only what you can see with the naked eye. For some this is enough, but in many cases, these shortcomings become more evident as the carpet ages, revealing stains, grease marks, and undulations that are caused from things a normal vacuum can’t get out.

The other obvious shortcoming is when it comes to stains. In nearly all cases, no matter how bad they turn out, serious stains come from wet agents. Whether it be wine, urine, vomit, etc., they all share the same beginnings. They are wet, and as a result cannot be removed with dry vacuums.

Customer Reviews

"Great service, very careful and well priced."

- Stephen S., Newport

Customer Reviews

"Very happy with the service- carpets came up like new. Turned up on time and was efficient, obviously very experienced. Will definitely be using aba again!"

- Brittany, Mona Vale NSW

Customer Reviews

"Very happy with Joon's service, and am pleased to see someone reliable take over the business. Thank you."

- Melanie Bryan, Northern Beaches

Customer Reviews

"Great service. Arrived on time, job well done for a great price. Definitely use them again."

- Corinna Wood

Customer Reviews

"It was really quick and easy to set up a time for cleaning a couple of rugs. I even ended up changing the order last minute and Joon was kind enough to still do the job. Fast, good price, easy, great results. Definitely recommended!"

- Simon C., Greystanes

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